The beauty of the sample

Posted by Audrey-Anne Bigras on

Isn't it frustrating to buy a decoration, a piece of art or a paint colour in a store only to realize when you get home that the product doesn't fit the decor or the size of the room?

I can say from experience that this has happened to us quite often in the past. In fact, you must take into consideration the lighting, the decorations already in place, the size of the room... Especially if you don't want to replace your couch every time you repaint.

The key to success for us has been to always try a sample in the room that is being renovated, as it is easier to exchange a sample than to be stuck with a choice you don't like 100% because the result is not the same as what you saw in the showroom or online


We know that texture or wallpaper can be intimidating. That's why we recommend that you order one of our samples, try it in the room, or even hang it on the wall for a week to see what you think, to see if your eye gets used to it!

Once you are sure, you can order the quantity you need without worrying about the end result.




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