September 21, 2023

Halloween :
A feast of mystery and imagination

Create magical memories

When the leaves fall and the pumpkins crowd the porches, you know Halloween is upon us. This magical celebration is the perfect opportunity to feast, unleash your creativity and create unforgettable memories. In this article, we explore the Halloween delights that tantalize the taste buds, the sweet treats that make you shiver, and much more.

Feasts for the eyes and the palate

Halloween is the perfect time to unleash your culinary creativity and transform ordinary dishes into amazing and fun feasts. Why not amaze your guests, especially the little ones, with meals that spark the imagination and are simply delicious? This year, prepare to amaze with dishes that are as beautiful as they are delicious.

Pumpkins shaped
de citrouilles

Stuffed peppers take on a whole new dimension when carved into adorable pumpkins. Fill them with your favorite mixture (vegetarian or meat) and decorate them with a creative touch. Children will love these fun little creations which will whet their appetite.


Mini pizzas with little hairy spiders? It’s a treat that’s both fun and delicious. Use pitted black olives to create spooky spiders by placing them on mini pizzas topped with tomato sauce and cheese. Each bite is a tasty adventure that will captivate the youngest guests.

Sweet Bites for Adventurous Foodies

After you've satisfied your savory appetite, explore the sweet side of Halloween. Whipped cream ghost-adorned pancakes bring a sweet touch to your morning. The monstrous rice crispies with their little monster eyes immerse you in the party spirit, while the glasses of bewitched biscuits and earthworms made from jujubes offer an unforgettable sweet experience. Finally, the crispy white chocolate-coated strawberries hide a fruity sweetness, and the eyes drawn with brown chocolate add a spectral touch. These sweet treats will put you in the Halloween spirit with every bite.

The beauty of the table that whets the appetite

At Halloween, magic happens on the table too. Beautiful presentation is essential for a successful dining experience. Between the elegance of black and the softness of pale colors, each choice creates a unique atmosphere. Dark candles create a mystical ambiance, while light tones bring enchanting luminosity. In either case, a beautiful table whets the appetite for delicious festivities.

Scary DIYs for memorable moments with your children

Halloween is the perfect time for family creativity. DIYs (Do It Yourself) are a fantastic way to spend time with the children while preparing your Halloween decoration. One of our favorites is the game of Tic Tac Toe with stones painted as pumpkins or ghosts. Not only does this guarantee hours of fun, but it also brings a touch of Halloween to your home.

Another fun project is to create bats using pine cones and cardboard. These little flying creatures will add a mysterious atmosphere to your decoration.

If you're looking for simpler activities, try drawing pumpkins on white, orange, or black balloons, or painting fallen leaves white and drawing ghost eyes on them. These projects are suitable for even the youngest, and they help create unforgettable memories while bringing your house to life this Halloween. So, get the paintbrushes ready and let the magic of Halloween happen during these special family moments.

Our Halloween decorations

Our Halloween products are perfect for adding a spooky and festive touch to your Halloween decoration. From smiling pumpkins to spooky bats, these easy-to-apply stickers will transform your home into a veritable monster den. Let your creativity run wild and create a terrifying atmosphere to host this breathtaking party!

Wall decals

Wall decals


Wall decals

Autocollant mural


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

May this night filled with pleasure leave you with memories as unforgettable as they are creative. May your pumpkins shine brightly and your creativity burst into spooky colors.