How to calculate

Here's how to calculate the amount of wallpaper required for your decorating project: 


Step 1

Take the measurements of your wall.
Measure the width and height of your wall.
If there are doors, windows, counters or other elements, measure them, as well.


Step 2

Make a plan and write down the measurements.
Your drawing does not have to be beautiful and to scale.
The important thing is to see all the necessary details.

Step 3

Draw the wallpaper panels on your plan.

Our wallpaper rolls are 24" wide.

They are offered in 8 different heights:
30, 48, 60, 72, 96, 108, 120, 132 in.

If we refer to the example, you would need 6 panels of wallpaper to cover your wall :

• 1 panel of 24 x 30 in.
• 2 panels of 24 x 96 in.
• 3 panels of 24 x 72 in.


Step 4

Your are now ready to order online.
The numerical order is important if your panels are not all the same height. You will need to tell us which panel number corresponds to which height in the section "Special instructions for seller" in the shopping cart. 

Exemple :
Panels 1 and 3 are 96" high 
panel 2 is 30" high ans panels 4, 5, 6 are 72" high.




Good to know...

Each panel is unique and numbered at the bottom. Therefore, it's important to follow the numerical order during the installation.

The trimmed portion of a panel cannot be used to fill a space elsewhere on the wall. However, it can be placed in a frame on an adjacent wall. It's a great way yo cut down on waste!

See our installation guides for more details.