Dollhouse Wallpaper - Emily
Dollhouse Wallpaper - Emily
Dollhouse Wallpaper - Emily
Dollhouse Wallpaper - Emily
Dollhouse Wallpaper - Emily
Dollhouse Wallpaper - Emily

Dollhouse Wallpaper - Emily

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Our mini dollhouse wallpapers are the perfect product for DIY enthusiasts, giving you a perfect opportunity to express your creativity and decorate your little houses. They have been specially designed to spark the imagination and create dreamy interiors on a small scale. Your children will be delighted.

Lovers of their little mice and their imaginary world, we used Maileg furniture and figurines for decorative purposes. Only self-adhesive wallpaper and flooring are available for purchase. No matter what model your dollhouse is, our self-adhesive wallpapers and floors can be used.

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  • Dimension du papier peint : 8,5 x 10,625 po
  • Les feuilles peuvent être collées côte à côte sans interruption du motif
  • Conçu pour une installation verticale, mais peut également être appliqué horizontalement tout en gardant à l'esprit que cela entraînera une rotation du motif
  • Adapté pour tous les types de maison de poupée, pourvu que les surfaces d'application soient lisses
  • Peut être repositionné durant l'installation
  • Fini mat
  • En vinyle spécialement conçu pour la décoration
  • Tenue longue durée
  • Facile à retirer
  • Ne laisse aucun résidut collant lors du retrait
  • Autocollants à usage unique
  • Doit être appliqué sur une surface lisse
  • Ne pas appliquer sur de la peinture fraîche (attendre 30 jours)

Installation is simple: simply peel off the backing film and apply the sticker to a smooth surface.

Depending the desired size, you can cut the sheet using a scissor or an exacto-type knife.

For larger surfaces, the sheets can be applied side by side without interrupting the pattern.

Do not apply on a freshly painted surface; make sure the paint has dried for at least 30 days.

As colors vary from one screen to another, we cannot guarantee that the color of your mini dollhouse wallpapers will be identical to what you see on your screen.

Dollhouse wallpapers currently take 3-5 business days to print. The delivery time is then 1 to 7 working days for a shipment to Canada and 6 to 12 days for a shipment to the United States. Faster delivery services are offered at the final stage of the order.

Please note that it may take a few extra days for packages to be processed through customs. Station D is not responsible for delays caused by customs clearance or any problems with the delivery service.