7 original and creative ways to incorporate wallpaper into your decor!

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When you think about adding wallpaper to your decor, you usually think it's going to be on an entire wall, right? Well, what if we told you that there are other ways to add wallpaper without having to cover an entire surface?

We sat down as a team to figure out what we thought were the most unique ways to add wallpaper to any room in your home. After getting inspiration from many projects we've completed over the years and a brainstorming session, we came up with a list of 7 beautiful and creative ways to use wallpaper.

 Accent wall

Crédit photo : @danakatak

 4 walls complete room

 Top band

Bottom of the wall

Crédit photo: @thalii.a

 Half wall  

Crédit photo: @vickie.brid


Accent in moldings


Crédit photo: @maripieredwar

 3/4 wall

Crédit photo: @jessmegan

  Wallpaper allows your imagination and creativity to run wild, something you simply can't do as easily with traditional paint. If you're intimidated by wallpaper, take it a step at a time and implement patterns you love most here and there into your decor. If you think a full wall is too much, then opt for a half wall or a small section of wallpaper with mouldings. You can also use wallpaper as a piece of art to complete a room. The possibilities are endless. We hope our list will inspire you to get started on your next project.

If you decide to use one of our ideas, don't forget to take a picture and tag @station.co, we'd love to see them.

Oh, and if you come up with any other original ideas that we haven't mentioned, we'd love to see them too. Who knows, maybe we'll use them in one of our future projects.

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