What type of wallpaper to choose?

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Finally, you're ready to get started on those renovations you've been putting off for several years. Throughout this process, you will need to make many decisions, but don't worry, we will make it easy for you. One of the most frequent questions we receive is "What type of wallpaper should I choose?" Let us help you with that.

There's pre-pasted wallpaper,

This is actually our most popular wallpaper. You should choose this paper if you are looking for:

  •  A smooth, matte finish
  •  Easy to install yourself
  •  PVC-free materials
  •  Requires only water for installation
  •  Ideal for long-term installation

Another option available to you is Removable Self-Adhesive Wallpaper, this is the option for you if you are looking for :

  • Textured finish (linen)
  • Easy installation, but may require an installer if you are not experienced in installing vinyl wallpaper
  • 6 mil vinyl
  • Peel and stick" type
  • Can be repositioned during installation
  • Removal without damage or sticky residue
  • Ideal for rental housing or short-term installations because it leaves no sticky residue on the wall when removed
  • Can also be used to cover furniture, such as the bottom of a bookcase or drawer fronts

Now that you've selected the type of wallpaper you want and need, it’s time to chose the pattern. Do you want a more discrete patterns or a design that will get you out of your comfort zone? Since pre-pasted and self-adhesive materials are made of different fibres, when printed, the colours will vary from one material to another, even if the pattern is the same. It is important to know that the fibre of the pre-pasted is more of a warm white while the removable sticker is more of a cold white. That's why we strongly recommend that you order samples before making your final decision. The reason is so that you can be sure that you will adore your choice and you’ll even be able to test it out in the room you wish to revamp.

If you have any further questions, you can contact our customer service at any time info@stationd.ca, we will be happy to help you.

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