September 27, 2023

Create a timeless
de bébé intemporelle

with plaid wallpaper

The arrival of a baby is a special moment in the life of every parent. Creating a welcoming, warm space for your little one is an exciting part of preparation. If you're looking for a timeless design for your baby's room, we have an idea that combines comfort and style: plaid pattern wallpaper.

Le papier peint motif à carreaux : un classique intemporel

Tile patterns have a long history in interior design, and they never go out of style. By choosing a tile pattern wallpaper for your baby's room, you create a backdrop that evokes warmth, tradition, and simplicity.

Farm theme
pour une enfance joyeuse

The farm theme is a charming option for a baby's nursery, evoking memories of country adventures. To incorporate this theme, use accessories such as pig-shaped dresser handles, a mobile with stuffed farm animals, and wall canvases depicting rural landscapes.

of antique dressers

To add a unique touch to the nursery, consider bringing old dressers back to life. Replace worn handles with pig-shaped furniture handles for rustic charm. These subtle but cute details will reinforce the farmhouse theme and give a timeless character to the room.

Create a reading and cuddling corner

A timeless nursery should also be functional. Create a cozy nook with a comfortable rocking chair and shelves for your child's favorite books. Add cushions and soft blankets for special reading and cuddling times.

Soothing colors

To maintain a calming atmosphere in the baby's room, opt for soft colors inspired by nature. Hues of green, blue and beige are excellent for creating a calm and serene atmosphere.


En combinant un papier peint à motif de carreaux, des accessoires sur le thème de la ferme, des poignées de commode en forme de cochon, et un coin de lecture confortable, vous pouvez créer une chambre de bébé intemporelle qui évoque le charme et la tradition tout en offrant un espace fonctionnel et agréable pour votre enfant. 

L'atout majeur des papiers peints à carreaux réside dans leur intemporalité, s'adaptant aussi bien à la chambre d'un bébé qu'à celle d'un enfant ou d'un adolescent. Opter pour ce motif permet à la chambre de grandir avec lui, simplement en ajustant les accessoires en fonction de son âge. Le caractère classique des papiers peints carreautés garantit une décoration qui perdurera avec élégance à travers les années.

Our checkered patterns

We offer a complete collection of checkered wallpapers offering a timeless style that will last over time. They are available in a range of colors and styles, and their versatility allows them to fit into a bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, as well as any room of your choice.

Wallpaper Théodore

Wallpaper Jacob

Mural Justine

Wallpaper Victor

Mural Émilie

Wallpaper Léonard

Wallpaper Raphael

Wallpaper Iceberg

Wallpaper Milan Doublé


Une conception de Charlotte dussault

This charming bedroom, designed with talent by Charlotte Dussault, is decorated with the elegant Théodore wallpaper, Nature color, for a completely unique touch.

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