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Valentine's Day, also known as the day of love, is right around the corner. Although we like to do special things throughout the year for our loved ones, we sometimes run out of original ideas when it comes to this particular day. Yet, you don't have to spend a large amount of money, you can make it memorable and at the same time help local businesses, because we know this has been a tough year for small businesses. With Valentine's Day just days away, here are some ideas to inspire you. Quebec is full of treasures when it comes to local businesses, take advantage of them.



With life not 100% back to normal, how about a romantic picnic in the comfort of your home? Cupkate & Co is a mother-daughter business that does custom orders of cakes and cupcakes, they deliver throughout Quebec and offer a wide variety of flavours. So prove to your special someone that you know what they like by ordering their favourite pastry flavours.



Are you currently browsing recipe sites because you're worried about making the perfect meal? Why put all that pressure on yourself? Ricardo offers a Valentine's Day-themed gourmet box where you can prepare a gourmet meal even if you're not a master chef while relaxing with a glass of wine. Then complete your gourmet meal with a work of art worthy chocolate tasting from a Montreal company, Lecavalier Petrone. You will be impressed, trust us!



What better time to rekindle the flame than on Valentine's Day? Why not treat yourself to a home spa with La Marcotterie. You can choose from a wide range of handmade skin care products made in Canada. Wouldn't it be nice to relax with a warm bubble bath, a facial mask and a message? The perfect day doesn't end after the romantic meal. Make the night even more memorable by surprising your partner with beautiful Sokoloff lingerie. Designed and manufactured by Montreal women, this fine lingerie is consciously made with love. Created by designer Sofia Sokoloff, the brand breathes delicacy, confidence and comfort. Something you'll both really appreciate.

You don't need to complicate your life when it comes to valentine's day, what really matters is the attention you put into it. Enjoy the day and make each other feel special and loved.



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